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What is an ADP Ambassador?

An ADP Ambassador simply represents the company and advertises it in your spare time. Whether it be through social media, word of mouth, or friends & family, when you tell people about us you have the chance of getting PAID! For every sale you make using your personal promo code ADP experts will assign you, you have the chance to make $7-21 dollars depending on the package your referral purchases. If you have someone purchase ADP ONE you receive $7.  If they purchase ADP TWO, you receive $14, and if they purchase ADP THREE you receive $21. Want some extra cash? Who doesn't. Here's your opportunity!

The Ambassador Perks

  1. Receive 35% off all ADP packages as an Ambassador
  2. Hashtag #ADP to get the chance to be featured on our official Instagram
  3.  Get your own 20% off promo code for your friends & family
  4. Promote ADP on social media platforms, word-of-mouth, through friends and family to get $7 for each package purchased from your referrals using your promo code!


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