I've lost 16 lbs!

The Automatic Diet Plus program allows me to chose my variety of foods which makes it easier to on the program. The weight loss has been slow and steady, so I am confident I will eventually reach my goal. I've lost 16 lbs and 4 inches since I started the program, and its been 3 months."

                                        - Anonymous, Age 61, ADP client


My Boyfriend and I are both ADP clients!

The plan is great! My boyfriend and i are both a.d.p clients. I'm trying to lose weight and he is trying to compete in a bodybuilding show! Each of our plans are tailored to our needs and we have seen results. I have tried to lose weight on numerous occasions in the past but always gave up after a couple of weeks.  I have hyperthyroid issues so I just figured losing weight was an impossibility. ADP's plan has been easy to follow and produces results. I lost about 8 pounds, an inch in my bicep, 3 inches in my waist, and an inch in a half in my thigh after 6 weeks. I am happy with my results. Thanks for the plan and support! It's the best!"    

-Anonymous, ADP CLient