What is Automatic Diet Plus App?

World renown fitness expert and former world class bodybuilder Leo Costa Jr is behind the scenes micro managing your every move through his fitness app. Simply fill out our consultation form, let us know what your lifestyle looks like and wait for Leo and his team to put your 'Success Plan' together. Once it's complete you will be receive your plan, a link to download the app and can begin transforming yourself, your health and your body. 

Our objective is to get you in the best shape of your life based on you and your lifestyle. No two bodies are the same, so why should your training be the same as others? We wont provide you with some cookie-cutter plan that's designed to fail, but instead create a plan that is specifically designed around your needs, creating dramatic results, not just for the short haul, but for the long term results.

Do you have special health needs? Have limitations, restrictions, concerns, that require specific needs in your diet or fitness routines we can work with you. We can create diets that improve cancer patience, fertility issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

You don't need to be tech savvy to follow this online personal training plan through the ADP app! Have questions and concerns along the way? With our 24/7 customer service you will have someone with you every step of the way, and can contact us straight from the app. View your meal plan, cardio plans, and training plans conveniently, no matter where you are or what time it is. Work at your own pace and track your results with us and watch your body and mind begin to transform.

We want to teach you how to be healthy in your lifestyle, not change your lifestyle to be healthy.

This is a team effort! Now, how do you begin?

Start by see which program best suits you. Keep in mind, this is just a guide towards the best program for you to reach your goals. A consultation form is delivered to you immediately following your program purchase and this is where we begin to personalize the plan specifically for you! Give us 48 hrs after the consultation is completed so we can get our team together and set your program up.

ADP Programs Include:

The 'Three Training Components'

We use 3 training components that our responsible for creating change in the body. Each component has been developed to be as personalized to the client as much as possible.

  • Customized Meal Plans

We personalize each meal plan for our clients!  Help us create your perfect diet. Here's a little secret. You CAN EAT THE FOODS YOU LOVE and get in great shape! How? There is no secret to this. Our fitness expert knows how to manipulate the macros in a way that no one else does, creating a meal plan you can be consistent with, and successful in.

  • Cardiovascular Conditioning

What most trainers don't know is that efficient cardio is all about heart rate and not how hard you go. Many people think the more cardio the more fat they lose. Or, the harder they go the more fat they'll lose. NO! Incorrect information. Working out hard may just get you in worse shape! Work smarter, not harder and that is our main objective with your cardio conditioning plans within our ADP programs.

  • Training Plans

What makes our program different than all others is Leo's unique, almost "miraculous" training methods that are internationally recognized as the fastest way to getting in the best shape. He does this by revolving his training around his revolutionary boosting cycles, which implement the 3 training components that are the only components responsible for changing the body, working in harmony with the natural rhythm of your physiology. Get in the best shape of your life in no time and feel confident doing it with our 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

No risk. Just real results and a more confident, healthier you!