V.I.P One-On-One

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V.I.P One-On-One


VIP one on one is an elite comprehensive training program for those who are looking for an exact result, whether it be an actor who needs to portray a certain body image on screen, elite pro athletes who need to perform consistently at the top of their game, and those who want to be in the best shape of their life. It's all relative.

Movie Specific Training (MST)

This program includes an initial consultation and an in depth analysis performed identifying specific priorities and objectives for the actor in their upcoming role. At this point their MST program will be designed according to the priorities and objectives needed for the actor to create the exact body image they require on screen. This strategy is designed and guaranteed to produce results with pin point accuracy with the least amount of time invested.

ADP VIP Movie Specific Training

1. In depth analysis (priorities, objectives)

2. Movie specific resistance training program

3. Movie specific cardio conditioning program

4. Movie specific nutrition program

Additional services available (Ala Carte)

1.On site personal trainer

2. Specific diet and nutritional catering

3. Body guarding





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