Meet Your Fitness Expert and ADP Creator


Leo Costa Jr is a world famous fitness expert and former world class bodybuilder who has owned and operated his own personal training studios for more than 37 years. He has been a personal trainer to thousands of people all over the world. What makes Leo and his personal training studio unlike others is his unique, almost "miraculous" training methods that revolve around his revolutionary boosting cycles, which implement the 3 training components that are the only components responsible for changing the body, working in harmony with the natural rhythm of your physiology. This the proprietary knowledge (trade secret) as to why Leos methods can get people in such phenomenal shape in just 3 hours a week.

Leos training method is internationally recognized as the fastest way possible to achieving that dream body you have been wanting-and without a lot of hassle. Leo takes all the guess work out and creates each program specifically for his clients goals and needs. All you need is one hour a day, three days a week to get in the best shape of your life.

This method is so efficient and effective that people come from all over the world for this unique program. Leo even trained top Hollywood celebrities such as Kevin Costner, and movie producer Steve Reuther (Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing), as well as professional athletes from the San Francisco Giants to the Denver Broncos. He has also authored several books on exercise and conditioning that have grossed millions

 in sales including: Bulgarian Burst, Serious Growth, Big Beyond Belief, Titan Training, Automatic Diet, Automatic Athlete, just to name a few. This is how effective Leos unique exercise program really is. Too many programs these days provide you with the latest and greatest techniques, which can be misleading. Leos customized programs will take all the guesswork out and revert you back to the basics. No quick fix. Just real knowledge to help you attain extraordinary results. All this is now available on Leos new Automatic Diet Plus App.